The Department of Entomology offers a wide range of courses and research opportunities in an Undergraduate Program and Graduate Program. The Graduate Program includes the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and the Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management (MPPPM) degree, a professional non-thesis degree requiring broad graduate level coursework in IPM and an internship with an IPM-oriented organization.

Our goal is to support and encourage students who are preparing for careers as scientists in federal, state, or industrial laboratories or in academic institutions, by providing them with as broad a background as possible in the many facets of insect biology. Our programs encompass all levels of biological organization from the molecular level to ecosystems. In addition to training in modern methodologies of classical entomology, the Department has special emphasis areas in evolutionary biology, genomics, host pathogen relationships/vector biology, biotechnology, and applied ecology and integrated pest management.

Biological Sciences
ATHENS, GA 30602

Department Head

S. Kris Braman Department Head and Professor