My appointment at the University of Georgia includes 60% research, 25% extension and 15% teaching.

As a researcher, my focus will be on the integration of biological and ecological information in the development of effective, ecologically-based, and environmentally-sound pest management strategies. I will be working mainly on tree nut (=pecan) insect pest management with priorities on the development and/or improvement of effective monitoring and management strategies for pecan pests (including but not limited to aphids, mites, pecan weevil, ambrosia beetles, shuckworm) as well as finding long-term sustainable means of pest population regulation (e.g., biocontrol). 

As a member of the UGA Extension, I will closely work with the Extension team to accurately assess the needs of our growers and stakeholders, and deliver on-time and precise information.

I will also be teaching the General Entomology Course at the UGA Tifton campus, a course offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. With this course, I will do my best to inspire students to appreciate the importance of studying insects and motivate aspiring scientists to pursue a career in entomology.