Scholarships and Awards

Entomology Department scholarships:

Amy Joy Janvier scholarships: The Entomology Department at UGA offers two $500 undergraduate scholarships annually in honor of Amy Joy Janvier, one of our most accomplished and engaged students. Applications for these scholarships are due annually in March.

  • The Amy Joy Janvier Service Award will honor students who embody Amy’s commitment to engagement within the Entomology Department and with the broader community. Amy’s outreach activities helped many people appreciate the interesting and important roles insects play, and her leadership in club activities helped to cultivate a thriving and supportive community for Entomology students at UGA. To apply for the service award, please provide a cv and a one-page statement articulating what inspires your service to the community and to the department, and describe your efforts to engage with the public, your classmates, and your professors at UGA.
  • The Amy Joy Janvier Research Award will honor students who share Amy’s passionate pursuit of research. This award recognizes achievements of students who pursue independent research with a graduate student or faculty mentor, present their work in undergraduate research symposia or at professional conferences, or even publish their research in a peer-reviewed journal. To apply for the research award, please provide a cv and submit a one-page statement describing your research question, how you developed your project with your mentor, what you discovered, how it contributes to the existing body of research, and how it might be applied to global problems. Describe your experience with writing and presentations.
  • The Amy Janvier Undergraduate ‘Student Select’ Award recognizes the dedication to Entomology and love of teaching displayed by Amy Janvier during her master’s degree and hopes to foster the same in undergraduate students. The award is given annually to Entomology majors or minors, at the discretion of the HO Lund Club and when appropriate will be announced in the Spring edition of the Departmental Newsletter. Applicants must complete an essay addressing some part of the following prompt, “What does Entomology mean to you? Why have you chosen to study Entomology?”

Entomological Society of America: Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE) Undergraduate Student Achievement in Entomology Award

For undergraduates with outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching and/or outreach in entomology. Awardees receive $1500 and travel expenses to the annual Entomological Society of America conference. Requires two letters of support from faculty, a transcript, cv, and a written statement by the student.

Deadline: June 1 annually.  Click here for application instructions!

Undergraduate research grants:

CAES also offers an excellent program to provide undergraduate researchers with $1000 research and stipend support for an independent research project with a faculty mentor the CAES undergraduate research initiative. Check out UGA’s CURO programs as well for small research grants and CURO conference scholarships to support a presentation at a national conference.

Deadlines: September and January annually.  Application instructions can be found here.


Hourly undergraduate research assistant positions in the Entomology Department

Our large group of research faculty provide our entomology majors with numerous opportunities for hourly research assistant positions.  Before you apply for work in a research lab, explore the ongoing research programs in our department, consider which lab might be the best match for your skills and interests, and read some of the recent papers published by our faculty. Then, complete our hourly research assistant application and advocate for yourself by articulating how your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm will make you an excellent member of a research team. While we can’t guarantee that there will be financial support available for every student, we’ll try to match excellent candidates with lab groups that complement their goals and interests.

Pest Management Foundation Scholarship

Up to $2000 support for entomology majors focusing on urban pest management during their junior or senior year. Requires an essay about professional goals and how their education contributes to the field of urban pest management.

Deadline: November annually. Click here for application instructions!

College-level scholarships:

UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences awards more than $290,000 annually to our enrolled undergraduates. There are various awards supporting students with strong commitments to global citizenship, experiential learning, rural scholars, and even international travel. Application instructions and timelines for each of these awards can be found here.

For prospective students:

CAES Prospective Students Scholarship Program (Due in March)

CAES Rural Scholar Program ($7000 scholarship for strong incoming students from Rural Communities, Due in November)

For enrolled students:

CAES Broder-Ackermann Global Citizen award ($1000 scholarship Due in March)

Ratcliffe Scholars Program (supports study abroad and internships—Due in October)

International Travel Scholarship (Deadlines November 1 and March 1)


Private scholarships:

Georgia Foundation for Agriculture:

For outstanding Georgia-resident UGA undergraduates in CAES.

Deadline: March 1 annually.  Click here for application instructions!

Georgia Agribusiness Council:

$1000 support for undergrads preparing for any type of agricultural career. Requires an essay about challenges facing agriculture today, career goals, and a statement of need. 

Deadline: October annually.  Click here for application instructions!