Top 10 best things about being an Entomology major at UGA

 (voted on by current ENTO majors)

10. Career and/or graduate school guidance from Dr. Kelly Carruthers.

9. Our newly forming Entomology club makes it easy to connect with ENTO majors and bug-related fun!

8. Knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate course advising by Ms. Devin Duggan

7. Excellent preparation for graduate school, medical school, or veterinary school, from a huge group of high-profile researchers and tons of opportunities for lab and field experience.

6. An excellent variety of amazing courses taught by approachable faculty.

5. Tons of opportunities for employment in research, extension, or pest management fields after graduation.

4. Tons of opportunities for doing real-world projects that promote insect conservation, education, crop protection, and human health through both coursework and internships.

3. Access to an INSECT ZOO and amazing bug-themed events.

2.  A small undergrad program means a nice ‘small college feel.’ Small classes within the major, a close-knit community, lifelong friendships, and individual attention from faculty and staff!

1. INSECTS ARE AWESOME. (this goes without saying, but still)

Every year UGA students bring the amazing world of insects to thousands of people at "Insectival"-- an event sponsored by the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.
ENTO student feeding event
ENTO students gather for sandwiches.
ENTO students hard at work on building their collections!