Careers in Environmental Health Science

Entomology graduates are employed in all levels of government, industry, and education as evidenced by this sampling of job titles held currently by our former students.

1. Private Sector

  • Agricultural Industries
  • Production: Green Industry, Seed Companies and Plant Breeding Enterprises.
  • Chemical: Dow Agri-sciences, Valent Biosciences, Pesticide Development, Pest Management.
  • Food Industry: Post-Harvest Pest Management, Stored Grains & Animal Feed.
  • Crop Consultants: Integrated Pest Management Services for corporate producers, cooperatives, individuals.
  • Urban Pest Control: Structural Pest Control Industries critical for homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, Landscape and Green house industries: Golf courses, sod farms, etc.

2. Federal and State Agencies

  • Military:  Vector-borne diseases, and facilities, food, vehicle sanitation, quarantine facilities, etc. - Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Federal Research Laboratories:  (Some positions require grad. degrees), USDA, USDI, USFS, EPA, NIH, USGS.
  • State Departments of Agriculture:  pesticide industry regulations and educational programs requiring certification training, introduction of new species.
  • State Department of Natural Resources:  Conservation Biology, Invasive Species, Environmental Biology.
  • State, County, and City Departments of Health:  Public Health Concerns, Vector Control Programs, protective programs for people and pets.
  • Extension Services:  Educational Programs for virtually all commodity areas and human and animal health issues.
  • Federal and State Regulatory Agencies:  USEPA, USFDA, USDA-APHIS, GA Env. Protection Division, County and Municipal Governments.
  • Academic Institutions:  Research & State Universities, 2 year, junior, community or technical colleges.

3.   Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Butterfly Houses