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Pam Knox visits a UGA weather station on the Durham Horticulture Farm in Watkinsville, Georgia. CAES News
Climate Input
The authors of the Southeast chapter of the Fifth National Climate Assessment will hold virtual workshops in late January and early February and are inviting the public to share their thoughts on climate change-related issues.
Beef cattle (file photo) CAES News
Cattle Emissions
It is not difficult to find somebody talking about methane these days. Simply turn on the TV, open your computers to your news affiliate of choice or log into any social media platform.
wintertime la nina pattern CAES News
La Nina
December is the start of the three-month winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2021, December started out 4 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit (F) warmer than normal. Whether this is likely to last through the rest of the winter depends on two major weather patterns that are affecting the winter climate in Georgia.
Faith Critzer's expertise in food safety in fresh produce earned her a position on the FAO/WHO joint panel on microbial risk assessment. CAES News
Microbial Risk Assessment
At the University of Georgia, Faith Critzer’s research focuses primarily on food safety in fresh produce, and in particular, mitigation of the pathogens that can cause outbreaks of foodborne illness. Her expertise in this critical area of research earned her a position on the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Meeting on Microbiological Risk Assessment.
Wayne Farms CAES News
Wayne Farms Gift
Georgia-based Wayne Farms has announced a $1.1 million donation to help build a new Poultry Science Building at the University of Georgia. Wayne Farms is a longtime supporter of the university’s poultry science department, one of the top such programs in the nation.
Christmas tree close-up CAES News
Christmas Tree Recycling
If you celebrate Christmas, there is nothing like having a real tree to decorate in your home for the holidays. The festive aroma alone provides such a sense of nostalgia. But once the holidays have quickly come and gone, the next order of business is disposing of your tree.
Groundnut Rosette Disease causes stunting in peanut plants and can destroy a crop. Some plants are more resistant than others, and researchers with the Peanut Innovation Lab are homing in on the location where that resistance lies in the genes. CAES News
GRD resistance
A group of researchers has identified where within peanut’s genome the resistance to Groundnut Rosette Disease (GRD) lies, which will enable targeted plant breeding to give farmers a variety that can withstand the disease. By finding the major locus controlling GRD resistance and validating that locus as suitable for marker-assisted selection, the team achieved an historic accomplishment in 2021 in the fight against the most destructive peanut disease in Africa.
The Peanut Innovation Lab partners with Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) to create animations in various languages. CAES News
Translating agronomy
The Peanut Innovation Lab, partnering with SAWBO, recently made two animated videos about groundnut production in Southern Africa available in Portuguese. The translation comes as the lab works with Farmer to Farmer to train farmers in Mozambique, as well as in Malawi and Zambia.The videos, each around 5 minutes long, were made to help relay and reinforce good agronomic practices for farmers growing groundnuts, particularly in Malawi where the lab works with the Malawi Agricultural Diversification Activity (or AgDiv). Over time, the innovation lab has compiled guides with details specific to the region and in languages farmers understand.
The Benson's Hospitality Scholarship will benefit undergraduate students in the Hospitality and Food Industry Management major like Olivia Nix, a UGA HFIM student, who worked as an intern at the UGA Center for Continuing Education and Hotel. CAES News
Benson's Scholarship
A new scholarship established by University of Georgia alumnus-founded Benson’s Hospitality Group will benefit students enrolled in the hospitality and food industry management major in UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
Stephen Arthur, a PhD student with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut, works to create production packages that help farmers weigh the costs and benefits of different inputs. CAES News
Student Profile: Stephen Arthur
Stephen Arthur is passionate about crop management. For every problem, there is an answer, he says, but giving just one bit of advice won’t help a farmer manage his crop as well as providing him a big picture. Arthur has worked with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut for several years, first as a master’s student funded through the Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab and today as a PhD student working on a project creating production packages for Ghanaian groundnut farmers.